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• This course is for adults and teens who seek private one on one driving instruction.

• Whether you are an adult who would like practice before testing at the DMV or are a teen who has not had much time to practice driving with your parents this course is for you.

• We cover all elements of driving from right of way rules, defensive driving techniques, street signs, safe lane changing and merging procedures, parking, weather considerations and to have a positive attitude while driving. This course includes residential, city and interstate driving.

• Our patient and friendly instructors are dedicated to helping you feel more confident and aware when you are behind the wheel

Adult / teen private instruction

"You learn and experience new things that you didn't know before. It's just an all around good driving school and you should try it."

-Satisfied Student

• Lessons are offered Monday-Saturday and we have morning and afternoon times available

• Pick up and drop off is included for students living in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Norfolk

• Students must have a valid learners permit to register for this course


Private instruction continued...

$100 = 2 hours

$275 = 6 hours

$450 = 10 hours

  *All lessons are two hours per day.


To check availability and register for the class please contact us today.


*Now available-Adult Waiver Program which allows you to waive the 60 day wait & take your driving test with us instead of the DMV. Call now for more info!


Improve your driving, call us today about our courses.